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"Your product has allowed us to repair Skegs and Cavitation plates, and has allowed us to quickly and easily repair cracks, holes, rivets, and seams on aluminum boats without having to send them out to be welded."

Jimmy Houston Marine - Rogers, AR.

satisfaction guaranteed Guaranteed to be the finest metal repair in the world! Over 40,000 satisfied customers worldwide!


Aluminum Repair Video using HTS-2000

Watch the aluminum repair video and see how easy it is to repair aluminum using a simple torch to braze. You can repair threads, build missing ears or broken ears of any parts in just minutes much stronger than the original. Repair fuel tank cracks or holes due to corrosion up to quarter of an inch wide, use aluminum to patch larger holes, weld thin aluminum with holes up to three eights of an inch or larger. Watch how easy it is to repair leaks in AC lines and expensive parts like engine heads. save time and money and increase your repair shop profits HTS-2000 truly is the best brazing rod or aluminum repair you can buy.

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