July 25, 2016


Will HTS-2000 repair a crack, hole, rivets, prop or mast on my boat?
Yes, easily.

Can I repair pot metal or aluminum magnesium?

Yes, easily.

Does HTS-2000 work on pot metal, mag., zinc, copper or galvanized parts ?
Yes HTS-2000 works on all non-ferrous alloys including “all” aluminum alloys (even the ones that cannot be welded), magnesium aluminum mixtures, zinc, die cast, pot metal, copper, bronze, Nickel, Titanium and galvanized parts.

Will your product work on aluminum that has been anodized? 

Yes, remember anodized aluminum is just a coating of another metal over the aluminum that has pores, our material penetrates those pores and then penetrates the aluminum.

Can HTS-2000 be anodized or chrome plated?
Yes after the repair with HTS-2000 it can be anodized or chrome plated.

Is HTS-2000 or HTS-528 drillable or machinable?

Yes both materials are fully drillable or machinable with standard bits.

Is the material easy to use?

So easy that a ten-year-old could-as long as the four simple instructional steps are followed.

What are the four instructional steps to using?

Open the pores of the aluminum with a file or sandpaper. Heat the aluminum to 730 degrees or above (you will know  because the material will melt outside of the flame on the heated aluminum). Scratch the rod around the area to be repaired and/or use the tinning brush included with your order. Let the repaired area cool naturally.

Why is your material better than competitors and why does your material cost more?
Not to be confused with Alumaloy, Alumaweld, Alumarod, Durafix, Aladdin 3 in 1, or any other first generation rods most of them consisting of 3 alloys. HTS-2000 is a unique stand-alone product, Comprised of nine alloys that cost more to produce and through exhaustive testing led to this superior advanced technology. HTS-2000 has an elongation of 10% in 2 inches (rather than the standard 3% like the first generation rods listed above) which makes HTS-2000 3 times more flexible and stronger than any of its competitors. It also easily penetrates past impurities that lay below the metal’s surface which may be impossible to penetrate with competitors materials. Also unlike the first generation rods HTS-2000 does notrequire steel or special cleaning brushes. All of this means not only a more expensive manufacturing process with new technology but also superior quality (this is the best brazing rod you can buy anywhere at any price) direct to the customer, see our testimonials and video and it will be easy for you to choose HTS-2000 as your #1 choice.

Can a complete novice use your material?

Yes even a complete novice can easily use our material by reading the instructions and practicing, and if needed we have experts that can guide anyone through the repair.

Can I get a free rod or sample?

We are sorry to say no. We receive hundreds of orders a month for free rods. Three years ago, the smallest quantity you could buy of HTS-2000 was 5 lbs. for $500.00. The Internet has allowed us to offer a sample 1 lb. starter or test kit for $65.00 plus shipping. We have made it affordable for small shops and homeowners. The kit also includes step-by-step instructions and a video of many different repairs. The material also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, so there should be nothing holding you back from ordering.

How long are the rods of HTS-2000 and HTS-528?
With both materials the rods are 18 inches long and the HTS-2000 comes with 34 rods and the HTS-528 comes with 18 rods per pound.

What is the width and can I get in other sizes?
The width is 3/32nd we have found through 1000’s of demonstrations and repairs that 3/32nd is the best size overall for 99% or repairs or fabrications. We will produce in any size for orders over 2000 lbs.

Can HTS-2000 be used to fabricate?
Yes HTS-2000 could be used to fabricate – just follow the instructions – HTS-2000 is the strongest brazing rod made and in many applications stronger than tig – we do recommend a sleeve or bolt is used for extra safety precautions on joints that may have tremendous stress, and to call tech support for help on difficult brazing situations.

Who are some of your largest customers?

We now have over 35,000 satisfied customers worldwide ranging from your home handyman to every industry. Trucking locations of Freightliner, International, Peterbilt, Ford and Cummins – thousands of locations. Automotive locations like Mercedes, BMW, Chevy, Ford, Saab, Porshe, VW – literally thousands of locations. Over one thousand machine Shops. Over one thousand transmission shops like Aamco and Allison. Over one thousand motorcycle locations like Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha and BMW. Boating dealerships like Yamaha, Mercury, Johnson and Evinrude.
Aircraft industry – Boeing, Northop Grumann, Lockheed, Pratt & Whitney, Cessna, Honeywell and many other recognizable companies – Click here to see more of our customers – Client List

Is HTS-2000 stronger than welding?

Yes. We have proven in shops that our material is stronger than welding and Tig welding on several applications. However, there are a lot of variables. It depends on what kind of wire or filler is being used and the proficiency of the person using the Tig welder. The same holds with our material. Users that follow the directions exactly will get the most strength out of a repair. Consider this – both our material and a Tig weld, when done correctly, are stronger than the conventional aluminum and that’s all you need. However, with our material you do not have to pay $3,500 to $25,000for the machine, and anyone (if they follow the instructions and practice a little) can become quite efficient at using our material.

Is HTS-2000 machinable?

Yes. Just slightly harder than aluminum, it is fully machinable without clogging your bits.

Is HTS-2000 food grade safe?
We do not even believe aluminum to be food grade safe, however both our HTS-2000 and aluminum we believe to be safer than public water since public water contains floride, uranium, mercury and 1000’s of chemicals in what a lot of people believe to be higher dosages than the human body can handle. Silver would be the safest thing to use, much safer than aluminum tubing however just the silver solder is not strong enough in most applications.

I have a 1971 Mercury Outboard engine that has a 1/4 hole in the top of the head near the spark plug. I would like to avoid dismantling the engine to get to the inside. Can you product be used to repair this damage?
The answer is yes. Level the head, open the surface pores, heat till our material starts to melt on the head, add material around the outside perimeter of the hole and tin, and then cover the hole. Our material has such elasticity; it will stretch across the hole without falling in the hole. If you watch the video, read the simple steps, and first practice on another piece of cast, you will be an expert in 15 minutes. If there are any gaskets within a few inches heat sink clay can be used to protect.

Can I braze 1/4 inch or 1 inch holes on my boat?
1/4 inch is no problem to bridge once you learn how the material flows however a 1 inch hole will be difficult unless backed with steel (If backed with steel any size hole can be repaired) however very tuff if done vertically – you may need to braze aluminum patch in the areas of 1 inch holes – maybe rivet a piece first then braze to seal.

Is there a video?

Yes. You will see 10 different repairs, and you will be amazed at seeing that a brazing rod has been developed that is stronger than welding.

Can I repair corroded or oily contaminated aluminum?

Yes. This is what our material was developed for. It is a completely different formula than the first generation brazing rods.

Can I repair from the underside of a boat or car?

Yes. However, you must be careful that the material does not drip on you. If you are repairing an oil pan, we recommend taking it off and repairing upright, this way it will be like new.

My welder said the cracks on the bottom of my boat cannot be repaired, is that true? 

It is true with conventional welding, which would just blow holes through the thin aluminum. With our material you are not welding, you are brazing at a much lower temperature and it will easily repair all cracks or leaks on your boat.

Does your product work on all aluminum?

HTS-2000 works on every kind of aluminum tested. We have the finest brazing rod developed anywhere on the planet.

At what temperature does aluminum melt?

It takes 1218 degrees to melt the aluminum and 717-737 degrees for our material to melt and penetrate the aluminum.

Helpful tip:
This repair must be done from one side, the heat must be maintained at over 737 and be clamped or stable – so there is no vibration during the repair. The HTS-2000 rod starts to melt in the low 600’s however does not penetrate until 737 or above that means your ok at 800, 900, 1000 even 1100 however about 1165 the aluminum will start to warp and 1218 melt – one problem with novices is they pull back the heat when they rub therod or go to tin with the brush not understanding you can drop 200-300 degrees in a few seconds. Yes you must use the brush – the material must be molten above 737 degrees (if it falls through any repair because of a gap you may need steel backing if the clearance is to large or to control heat and rod better)- if below 737 it will look grayish or have chunks, when molten it will be liquid and shiny like chrome with no chunks. If your brush catches on fire while tinning no problem blow out quickly and continue (more can be purchased at any hardware store if needed) – once you have a good tin on all areas you will apply the rod so put your brush down and use just the rod. If the brush gets gooped with rod and hardens just place back on the area you were tinning and keep the heat 1/2 inch away or so until bristles soften and works like new. Once you know the procedure its as easy as riding a bicycle or driving a car – need more help call tech support – free with all orders.

What are all the metals that HTS-2000 will work on?

Aluminum, cast aluminum, aluminum magnesium, zinc, tin, copper, pot metal, any metal that has a pore.

Will your material work to repair aluminum heads in the combustion area?

If the aluminum head ever was above 500 Degrees for any length of time you would blow the motor. The combustion gasses our explosive and dissipate heat at such a rapid rate that the aluminum never even reaches 300 degrees on the aluminum in the combustion area. Please read the directions for HTS-2000 and master your torch and the penetration of our material before starting your repair, if you need tech support we provide lifetime tech support with your order. (Do not use in combustion areas where nitrous and top fuel is being used)

What are all the metals on which HTS-528 will work?

Steel, cast iron, brass, and copper. It has a built on the outside flux that allows the material to penetrate all hard metals, even if contaminated.

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Can I use propane for all repairs?

Yes, up to ¼ inch. For thicker aluminum, over ¼ inch, use mapp gas. If it is a housing, like a transmission or a larger mass of aluminum, use oxy-acetylene.

Can I repair a cast aluminum housing with HTS-2000?

Yes, easily. In most cases with larger housings your heat source will be oxy-acetylene.

What do I need to use your material?

A heat source like propane or mapp gas. We recommend mapp gas, which comes in a yellow canister (instead of blue), and is about 400 degrees hotter. It only costs about $3.00 more than propane. You will also need a turbo tip (hot). A good one can be bought 34.95 at Walmart or Lowes, we recommend a TS4000 Burnsamatic which works great on aluminum up to 1/4 inch thick, or both can be purchased together in a package at Walmart for $39.95. If your aluminum is thick, like an engine head or transmission housing, or very large like a diesel fuel tank or boat over 15 feet long use oxy-acetylene with a rose bud or nuetral flame tip.

Is just a thin layer of HTS-2000 strong enough and how does it work?
Since there is gravity with most repairs it is more of a capillarity action however to put it in simple terms aluminum has millions of pores per square inch and HTS-2000 pennetrates the pores to seal and becomes a permanent part of the aluminum. Since HTS-2000 has such a high level of elasticity, this is why the tinning brush is used or a scratching of the rod is performed to start the capillar action, then gravity will allow it to work deeper into the millions of pores per square inch of the aluminum, however keep in mind even for repairs that are not level (because of the elasticity) just an eggshell coating of HTS-2000 holds above hydraulic pressure or above 2000 PSI.

What if I have to keep an area cool while I do the repair?

Go to your local welding shop and pick up some heat sink clay that will sink over 1000 degrees of heat. It costs about $12.00 for a can.

Can I repair an engine block or an aluminum head?

Yes. There are hundreds of machine shops that use our material in situations like this. We even have advanced tech support for more advanced work.

Can I repair my engine or transmission without taking it apart?

We always have to recommend that you take the housing apart however if you wish to take on the job anyway then here are some things to consider. Yes you can repair any crack that you can get to when the simple directions and common sense is used, after the repair you may need to do a flush and put in new transmission fluid, if the crack is to close to a gasket etc. you can use heat sink clay or paste to stop the heat. As always practice on a junk piece of cast that you can get at a salvage yard for about $1.00. so you can get used to your heat. Keep in mind also that you will need to use oxygen and gas to get a housing to the required temperature.

If there is paint on the outside, do I have to remove it?

Yes, you should remove the paint so you do not breathe in the fumes. However, the flame will burn it off if you choose not to.

Will your material work if the aluminum is anodized?

Yes, it will penetrate easily.

Is your material just for repair or can it be used for fabrication?

Our material can be used for both.

Do you have FAA clearance?
We have many in users in the aircraft industry every one of the largest Boeing, Lear, Raytheon, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Northop, Nasa, every branch of the Military etc. Users do their own clearance and testing, we recommend you do the same. Any FAA facility or engineer can do there own testing and get clearance and the cost is nothing compared to the potential. HTS-2000 works on all aluminum including 6061 T-6, 2024-T3 clad and 7075-T6 clad aluminum. Please see this link for more information:
More Information

Can I braze dissimilar metals together?

Yes with HTS-2000 you can braze any non-ferrous alloy together like aluminum to cast aluminum or aluminum to copper, zinc, pot metal etc. The same with HTS-528 you can braze steel to cast iron, brass, nickel etc.

Do you sell less than 1 pound of material?

No we do have a sample 1 lb. package of that can be ordered from our website. Just with our HTS-2000 cost was over 2 million to develop and is the most technically advanced and strongest repair you can buy. Up until 3 years ago the minimum order was 5 lbs. at $500.00 now you can order as little as 1 lb. for $65.00 plus S&H. You can see more information, testimonials, video or place your order in our website at www.aluminumrepair.com

What is elongation?

The word elongation means elasticity, this means how far a metal will bend for example on our HTS-528 under the pressure of 100,000 PSI before it will break it will bend 30% this is good because it can handle more stress and vibration. Also usually the more the elongation the better the penetration of the material past impurities.

Why is your material better?

Our competitors Allumaloy, Alumarod, Alumaweld, Alladins, Eutectic and many of the other 1st generation brazing rods only use 3-4 alloys mostly consisting of aluminum and zinc. HTS-2000 consists of 9 alloys which includes more expensive alloys that produce more strength, elongation and better penetration.

Can you tell me of someone local that I can have do the repair for me?

Unfortunately our clients are in our system under names and not cities or states so it is very difficult to search through over 35,000 customers for cities. Anyone with our material and sufficient heat who can read can use our material to repair parts, so if you did not want to repair yourself you could probably bring to any shop with our material and they could repair. We even have lifetime tech support to walk a customer or tech through the repair.

Can you send me a local shop in where I can purchase the material or buy one rod?

The shops are not in the business of selling rods nor do they wish to sell one rod, also our system is not set up to pull up customers by location but by the purchaser of the material and date, so searching for specified information or cities could take several man hours and only makes sense on very large orders. We now have 50% off orders from our site and we do have a selection for one day shipping on our “order page

What is the terminology of Welding and Brazing?

The terminology of Welding is assembling or repairing metal by getting the base heat of the metal to the melting point, in aluminums case the melting point is approximately 1218 degrees. The terminology of Brazing is assembling or repairing metal by joining the metal with a heat hundreds of degrees below the melting point of the alloy in the case of aluminum that would be around the 800 degree area.

Can you Braze overhead or vertically with your material?

The problems of brazing overhead would be gravity, and the danger of the material dripping on you. Can it be done? Yes, Have we done it? Yes. We recommend practice upright first to learn how our material flows and how it penetrates, use your tinning brush to help guide the material. HTS-2000 is sticky and freezes when you pull the torch away, practice makes perfect. If you are going to attempt to try underneath remember safety first, and getting a good tin on the aluminum before continuing is the key, If you need help after practicing or during the repair our material comes with lifetime tech support.

What kind of torch tip should I use for thin to medium alloys?

There are 3 types of torch tips, hot, hotter and hottest. We recommend a TS4000 Burnsamatic tip which you can buy at Walmart or Lowe’s for $34.95 or with Mapp gas (400 degrees hotter) for $39.95. This works great on parts up to 1/4 inch and less than 12×12 in mass unless thin aluminum. Over 1/4 inch on larger parts use Oxygen and Gas.

Extra helpful tips when repairing?
Another recommendation is to keep the flame at all times on the metal, and move the torch in a circular motion in about a 2 inch pattern around the area that needs to be repaired, do not pull the torch away unless the aluminum looks like it is going to buckle, remember aluminum dissipates heat very quickly and can drop 100 degrees in a few seconds. Move the torch over about 1 inch when you rub the rod on the area to be repaired, make sure the HTS-2000 is molten (completely liquid) while tinning with the brush, if chunky you need more heat as it must be above 730 degrees approximately to penetrate the aluminum and the aluminum will not melt until 1218 degrees. Always practice on a scrap piece of aluminum first to get used to your torch heat and remember all orders come with lifetime tech support if you ever have questions or need help with any repair.

Helpful hints for novices to expert brazer’s for HTS-2000?

Read the one page instruction sheet, practice first to get used to how are material penetrates and your heat source, if you do not have aluminum go to a salvage yard where you can buy a junk or broken piece of cast aluminum for cheap or go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get sheet aluminum. Remember HTS-2000 melts at about 680 but will not penetrate until the alloy is at 737 this is when the HTS-2000 will be fully molten – you will not warp the aluminum until approximately 1165 and will not melt it until 1218 degrees. On thick alloys, housings, heads etc. always use oxygen and gas with a rosebud or cutting tip opened to a wide flame, never use a brazing tip or pinpoint flame on any repair. Always move the flame in a circular motion on the alloy and instead of pulling the flame off the alloy when you get ready to tin or add rod just move over 1/2 inch or so as pulling the flame off can cause a tremendous drop in heat immediately below 737 that could keep our material from penetrating. If gaskets or parts that may melt are to close consider using a heat sink clay or paste which stops the heat which can be purchased on line or at a welding shop. For thin alloys or smaller repairs you can use propane or map gas with a hottest tip – wider the flame the better like a TS4000 or TS8000 Burnsamatic torch tip also available at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Remember we have repaired over 25,000parts –
Please remember tech support is free if you have questions after reading the instructions & practicing or need help call us at 713-935-9292.

Why don’t all welders use your material? 

Each day more welders are switching to our material, which helps them to repair parts considered unrepairable with conventional welding. Our material also allows the professional welder to do some jobs quicker, stronger with a better looking and longer lasting repair.

Do you have technical support?

Yes. Even though most repairs will be easy, we have technical support available to help you through any repair.

How does your HTS-2000 compare with competitors?

Our material is a second generation material made of nine metals instead of three. It is 333% stronger than the next nearest competitor. Unlike the old rod, it easily penetrates past impurities deep down in the aluminum for a repair that is stronger than Tig welding and stronger than the original aluminum.

Can I repair rusty cast iron or steel?

Yes, with our HTS-528 brazing rod.

Is the HTS-528 stronger than welding?

Yes. The repaired area will hold 100,000 pounds of pressure per square inch and adds 30% elasticity to the repair, which means superior strength.

Is HTS-528 machinable?

Yes. Just harder than cast iron, it is fully machinable, without clogging your bits.

Does HTS-2000 and HTS-528 come with money back guarantee?

Yes, This is the finest material you can buy However, if you are unhappy with your order and you have already contacted tech support at 713-935-9292 and a resolution was not made please return the product to our warehouse within 60 days for a refund of the material price not shipping. This is the address on the box you received please include the reason for the return, your name, order date and order address, please keep the tracking number until the credit is made. Return to: New Technology Products 6422 C. Harney Rd. Tampa, Florida 33610 for 100% of your money back minus shipping.

Can I use Paypal or Amazon to pay for HTS-2000?
Yes we know except PayPal’s and we do accept Visa, MC and Discover debit and credit cards. Please remember we are the manufacturer and not only do we offer a 60 day money back guarantee we also offer lifetime tech support only if you purchase at www.aluminumrepair.com

What is the minimum for a PO?

The minimum order with a PO is 5 lbs. If you wish to order please send a company credit report or references to our e-mail at sales@aluminumrepair.com along with your PO or order. If you wish to purchase a smaller quantity you may do so with a credit card, debit or company check in our website.

How do you ship and how long will it take?

All orders are sent the next US business day as long as you supplied the correct information. Customers will receive an email tracking of their order (this e-mail ends up in most customers junk mail folders due to mail filtering).  Normal shipping in the US is 3-5 days and you may upgrade to 1 day or 2 day shipping in the United States when you place your order.

[Click here for more Shipping information]

Can you ship USPS instead of UPS on orders?
Yes we now normally send the order next day USPS by your specification if you want us to use a different method also send a separate order stating so if you include your valid account information in that separate e-mail we will refund any shipping charge that was charged by our order system and send using your shipping account information.

Is there a distributor in my area in the USA?

If there is just remember their price would be double since we are the manufacturer and we do ship worldwide.

Will your material survive the outdoors?

Our HTS-2000 was developed for all aluminum and will survive the outdoors, it is the finest repair you can buy for aluminum and will hold 45,900 PSI with a 10% elongation, and our HTS-528 was developed for steel, it will also survive the outdoors and will hold 102,000 PSI with a 30% elongation which means it is stronger than steel. You can see more information, testimonials, a video or place your order in our website at: www.aluminumrepair.com Remember every order comes with lifetime tech support if needed.

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