August 2, 2016

Our Distributors

New Technology Products Distributors

With a billion dollar market for brazing rods and more than $10 billion for the welding industry, you will be glad you made the decision to become a distributor for New Technology Products. Our products will truly make a major impact on these markets. Proven to be the finest repair material money can buy, you will feel good being able to sell these revolutionary brazing rods to your customers.


  1. Kronos Business – Master Distributor for Brazil
    Contact: Dorival Perez
    Phone Office: 55-11-2746-9000
    Phone Mobil: 55/11/6047-9000
  2. BJ CO.,LTD. – Distributor for Osaka Japan
    Contact: T.MATSUMOTO
    Phone 81-6-4257-9981
    Fax: 81-6-4257-9982
  3. Alexey Solovyev – Mastr Distributor for Moscow, Omsk and Tyuman Russia
    Contact: Alexey
    Phone: +7-495-761-9370
  4. Projects. Research. Development LLC– Master Distributor for St. Petersburg Russia
    Contact: Timofey Popov
    Phone: +79112446566
  5. SIA”Riana – Distributor for Latvia
    Contact: Pavel Pass
    Phone number : +371 26841493 , +371 67214060
    E-mail :
  6. Saldaturelife LTD – Basic Distributor for Belarus
    Contact: Alexander Yanushkevich
    Phone: 375 29 6242632
    E-mail address:
  7. XIANG TAI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. – Master Distributor for China
    Contact: Chin Hsien Chen
    Address: No.2, Guifeng St., Taishan Dist., New Taipei City 24355, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Phone: 29022005
    E-mail address:
  8. XKheiron – Master Distributor for Taiwan
    Contact: Lin Che-Hon
    Address: No.8, Ln.89, Hansheng W. Rd. Banqiao Dist. New Taipei City 220 Tapei, Taiwan 88021
    Phone: 886+0988900872
    E-mail address:
  9. Eastcott Studios – Master Distributor for England and Ireland
    Contact: Jo Mc Aree
    Address: 28 Eastcott Hill
    Swindon, Wiltshire, UK SN1 3JG
    Phone: 07747 804487
    E-mail address:
  10. Castmasterkzn – Basic Distributor for KZN and Botswana South Africa
    Contact: Craig Boucher
    Phone: 2763 823 6969
  11. T/A SpaansTeq – Master Distributor for South Africa, Botswana and SADC
    Contact: Deon Spaans
    Phone: +27790406140
  12. TK Soyuz» TOO – Master Distributor for Kazakhstan
    Contact: Ksenia Chilikidi
    Phone: 7-727-338-13-28