July 25, 2016


HTS-2000 Second Generation Flux-less Brazing Rod


More than 30,000 satisfied Dealers and Machine and Repair Shops will tell you that after trying all other products to repair Aluminum and Cast, ours are the only products they use and trust.


I just received my starter kit and immediately used it to repair a swim ladder that had been damaged in hurricane Irene. Your product is everything you say it is, easy to use, flows great, strong and works on Aluminum that Alumiweld Rods couldn’t touch. I know because I tried to weld that swim ladder with them. Your product is a little more expensive but well worth it.
Al Kulhawik

Just a quick note to tell you that I just received my HTS 2000 order and watched the DVD. I went out to the shop and repaired an Aluminum Garden plant stand in less than 15 minutes using your product. It worked just like the video said. I have a Heli-Arc machine and just didnt want to screw around with setting up and hoping that it worked….(Pot Metal).. HTS 2000 Did the Trick. Knock me over with a Feather. Thank You….Great Product!
Michael Woityra

We just bought HTS-2000…amazing, unbelievable, incredible, fantastic. We will buy more soon.

MADennis Mc Isaac Olympus – Waltham, MA

Used it for the first time today on an a.c. condenser and it was amazing how easy it was. Sure beat trying to tig weld it. Good product!

Bob Hagan

The HTS-2000 that I ordered sure is great to work with. We are working on getting our Regional Response Trailer ready for deployment. We have quite an inventory of tools to mount on our trailer that range from small hand tools to generators and hydraulic power units. We fabricate most of our brackets, and try to use aluminum as much as we can so we won’t have worry about repainting or rusting over the years.
The HTS-2000 has sure simplified our work. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how strong the seams are when finished. We tried mig welding, but it just is not as easy as using the HTS-2000. Thanks for a great product, it has solved all of our aluminum welding problems.
Capt. Robert Hicks – Florida Task Force 5 Jacksonville Fire Rescue

We tried your Brazing rod thinking it would be like all the rest. Wow! It worked great! We repair aluminum boats–the riveted and welded type.Without a machine, we were able to turn the boat to the right angle and make the repair easily without having to fight gravity. We saved our customer about $3,500. The boat had landed on a steel fence post in one of our lakes. The insurance company had written off the boat because of the cost to replace the bottom. We riveted a plate on the inside, then turned the boat over and brazed it. We sanded it smooth and the customer is going to spot paint. The cost of the repair charged to the customer was only $800.

Bob Gibbons
Gibbons Boat Repair

You at NTP are great. I have heard good things about both your products and your customer service. I look forward to working with you and thanks for the no hassle reimbursement. I didn’t mean to order two purchases, I will use your product to fix my Alumaweld boat–they want $3000, to fix at local boat yard, I guess a $140 is a steal in comparison. Looking forward to your shipment, thank you

Mark E. Stocker

I have welded for a number of years now retired I repair die-cast toys etc. and had purchased your rod to test on repairing die-cast, and found there is no practice needed as I have used another rod prior to yours and found an incredible difference with the HTS-2000. I have neverhad a problem using this rod because of the lower fusion heat required and just want to say thank you for providing a rod that has the best quality of any I have used. Regards,

I have been brazing aluminum 1/4″ brackets onto 1/8″ thick hollow tube. I have been using alumaloy and HTS-2000.Both work well but Alumaloy has more slag in it and does not braze as cleanly as HTS-2000.I also like brazing with the thinner HTS Rod. My preference is definitely HTS-2000
Tom Patterson

I ordered 1 lb. of HTS 2000 rod to repair my 15 ft. aluminum Klamouth fishing boat. I’ve welded and brazed my whole life, so I didn’t bother reading the instructions or view the CD. When I tried to fix my boat I couldn’t get it to work well. So when I got home I viewed the CD and followed the tinning process, which made a world of difference! I ended up installing a 1/2″ x 3/16″ x 10ft. long strip to the keel of my boat.Now it looks like new – No leaks and I can repair any hole or crack in any aluminum boat, thank you HTS 2000!
Sincerely Joe Kokrak – joekokrak@dslextreme.com

Hts-2000 is a good product, thank you. I have been brazing for all of about 6 hours now, welding 3/4" al 6063 square tubing with 1/16 wall (pretty thin stuff). did not take too long to get strong welds (butt & lap joints). have to admit though, i stopped using the small brush, found it too big to get into some of the tight corners of the tubing. started using the toothed end of a hacksaw blade (after i burned & sanded off the paint). the teeth are good to scratch around inside the liquid 2000 for penetration and they don”t glow or catch on fire. also the blade doubles as a small trowel. my welds are already beginning to look quite good and strong too! with the old hammer test. well thats my 2 cents, just wanted to pass it along… Thanks again, Good Product!
k domero lrakd@att.net

I bought your HTS-2000 “Starter Kit” and used it successfully to repair an aluminum oil pump manufactured by Alfa Romeo in about 1930. It worked well and as advertised.Thanks so much, Arthur Wennerstrom

It is with great pleasure that I write a few words about the HTS-2000 product. I represent a company called Active Autowerke, you can see our website at www.aatuning.com, we are a BMW tuner making powerful performance upgrades for the E36-E46M3s. As part of product line, we manufacture products requiring some aluminum parts to be fused together. We utilize tig welders, but if wecould use a easier fusion method that would be great. I have tried other aluminum welding rods from the Home Show, and the only way to describe those were “SNAKE OIL”. The demos looked great, but what I bought was not the same as shown in the Home Show. I was a bit skeptical about the HTS-2000 thinking here goes another snake oil. Well, it has been over a year and we use these rods daily. I need to reorder and I am glad to still have the original paperwork to place the order. I see a lot of new products, but I believe this to be one of the best out there today. I just wanted to take some time and write a few words about a great product from a very satisfied customer.
Mike Hugh Active Autowerke

I am writing to you because I used your product and was amazed immediately. I had never welded aluminum and these are photo and crude stress test on the tubes I welded. If you look close the lower square tubes bent and the weld did not even crack when I was hitting other tube with a hammer. Also has high stress on bonding point. Thanks I have save a ton of money on fixing other items and since then I am welding large items and making nice looking welds.
Tacho Coronado

I was skeptical about the possible success of the product as the intended use was on the repair of one of our aluminum boats ,the boat had a history of cracking at the cutwater on both hulls, several repairs have been carried out using everything we could find for aluminum welding without or with limited success, the boat works pretty hard with our environmental marine survey program so it has to be in top condition and safe . I tested the HTS 2000 in the work shop by 1/ Lap joining two pieces of 12 mm x 100 x 100 mm aluminum flat bar. 2/ Butt join two pieces of 12 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm aluminum flat bar. I then set up both test pieces in a hundred ton press, in shear, and applied pressure of thirty tons to the joints, I would have applied more but the aluminum flat bar bent, the joints did not fail. We then used the HTS -2000 on our boat immediately, following the instructions provided, the boat went into service immediately, subsequent maintenance inspections have found the repairs in tact and the hulls dry . Great product easy to use, and it works…
Ed MacDonald – Maintenance Supervisor for Minahasa Raya Gold Mine

We had a situation that was bad, the shifting shaft [alum] broke on our truck, couldn’t shift gears, soooo, we pulled the steering column out, took the shaft off, and I had a lb left of the 2000,rods, in 4 minuets we had it fixed, THANKS a million.
William 1 Bentley

Your brazing rod is everything you advertised it to be. We used HTS-2000 in the process of overhauling Steam Turbines and Generators, the Journeymen working with it have been surprised to see it can perform so well.
Regards, George Ross Turbine Outage Planner Cholla Power Plant Arizona Public Service Co.

Hi, The item arrived lunchtime today, tried it within the hour and found it to be everything as described, it is excellent, my son used it and he said this is absolutely brilliant, keep their name and address in a folder we will buy from them again. The family cannot thank you enough for the help, communication and most of all your patience, we are so pleased we intend to recommend you to all.
Very Many thanks, Regards Ray Jackson and Family.

Thank you for your excellent service regarding delivery of my order. The rods arrived exactly as planned and came through customs without problem. Great Stuff.
Best Regards Mike Annesley Dino Racing

Thank you very much!I have honestly never had such quick and timely service as I have had with your company, no matter the form of communication. Thank you again for your help

I just finished repairing a diesel engine fuel filter bracket off of an antique tractor. It took 15 minutes and 3″ of HTS2000. The threads were stripped out, I filled the hole up and re-threaded the boss just like the video. I’ll be back for more when I run out. Thanks for a great product! …
The City of Midwest City -OK
Fleet Services Supervisor – Craig R. Davis

E-mail from Mark M to Craig Davis Customer and user of HTS-2000:
Mr. Davis, I am the MotorPool Supervisor for the City of Royal Oak , near Detroit Mi. I was reading about the HTS-2000 aluminum repair rods and was wondering if it works like they say. We need to repair an aluminum engine block and might try this method, as opposed to mig welding. Your response will makem our decision easier and I would like to thank you in advance for any insight you have to offer.
Mark Morang

E-mail from Craig Davis Customer to Mark M – Sceptic:
Hi Mark, Funny you should ask that question today. Yesterday I repaired a cylinder head off of a Kohler air cooled V-twin. It had blown a head gasket and the operator failed to stop the engine. He continued to mow for some time because it torched out a ½” wide channel to a head bolt hole and on out the side 1/4″ deep, Very ugly. I brazed it up flattened it on a belt sander and we were good to go! After grinding the area out, I pre-heat anything small enough to put in my outdoor BBQ grill

I have and use the HTS2000, its great. I made a repair to a motor cycle housing and want to get the part hard anodized. What will the hard anodizing do to the HTS2000?
Thanks Dan in Ga.

My welders tell me this is the greatest innovation in aluminum repair they have ever seen!
Acme Truck Parts – Fresno, CA One of America’s largest sellers of used tractor parts.

I had tried to use Alladin 3 in 1 rod with no success. I now make many repairs with HTS-2000 that were next to impossible with my welder.
Ken Ellison Machine Shop – Baltimore, MD

I have already used HTS-2000 to fix heads, cases, and several other parts easier than any other method.
Automotive Rebuilders – Richmond, VA Remanufactured ford engine parts.

COMMENTS: I’ve used HTS-2000 for two repairs now and both went perfectly! HTS-2000 is a great product.
Curt Richards
Repeat customer

HTS-2000 has proven to be the strongest aluminum repair we’ve ever seen. It’s amazing!
Central Detroit Diesel – Allison – Liberty, MO
Midwest’s largest Allison Dealer

I have used muggy weld where you have to try and mix the rod and the flux together, not only was it more difficult and messy I just could not get it to work on some repairs, or did not have the needed strength. HTS-2000 is the strongest and easiest material I have ever used to repair aluminum.
Rob Green
Welder for 12 years

I’ve tested several types, so far I like the HTS2000 the best – see the strength test here against another leading brazing rod: http://www.tayloredge.com/reference/Instructional/ALBraze/ALBraze.pdf

We used HTS-2000 to repair several expensive parts the first week we had it.
Chicago Volvo GMC – Chicago, IL

Just got a lb. of your product. It is the most amazing thing to see it flow into an aluminum surface and thoroughly bond without melting the aluminum. I could not believe it without seeing it. I will be back for more rod.
Bruce Froemke

We repaired two cases the first week we purchased HTS-2000 that would have taken much longer with our heli-arc welder.
John Fabick Tractor Co. – Fenton, MO Largest Caterpillar Dealer.

Your product has allowed us to repair Skegs and cavatation plates, and has allowed us to quickly and easily repair cracks, holes, rivets, and seams on aluminum boats without having to send them out to be welded.
Jimmy Houston Marine – Rodgers, AR

Your product has saved numerous parts and an amazing amount of headaches for our company, thank you!
Continental Auto Sports – Hinsdale, IL
Rolls Royce – Ferrari Dealer

Your product has saved parts for us that could not be repaired any other way!
Utility Peterbilt – Indianapolis, IN

This is the strongest and easiest aluminum repair we’ve ever seen!
Cummins West Inc.- San Leandro, CA

We would have saved over one hundred hours of work replacing the firewall on an eighteen wheeler if we could have had this product a few months ago.
Volvo GMC Trucks- Dallas, TX

HTS-2000 was used to repair a 1931 Chrysler engine head that could not be repaired any other way we know of. We already had four pounds of heli-arc rod on this head before finding a problem we couldn’t fix with our welder.
Universal Machine Shop – Las Vegas, NV

We used HTS-2000 to repair a Mitsubishi engine head that both I and a factory rep had given up on because the aluminum was contaminated and the heli-arc simply wouldn’t work.
P.S.- Fayetteville, AR

A new oil pan for my BMW was $525.00, which I really could not spare at this time… I repaired my old oil pan which had been leaking for 6 months with about $5.00 worth of HTS-2000. I then repainted it, now it looks like brand new…Thank you so much for making this great brazing rod!
Thomas Smith – ST. Louis, MO

I’ve been welding aluminum for over twenty years. HTS-2000 proved to be stronger than my own welds when tested.
B.T. – Tulsa, OK

I used HTS-2000 as soon as I got it to replace the spark plug and exhaust port thread inserts on my Harley dragster. Thanks!
Laffette Harley-Nashville – TN

The first day we repaired a transmission housing that could not have been repaired any other way, a new housing would have cost $3,200.00. Thank you so much!
Columbus Truck & Equipment – Columbus, OH Mack & Isuzu Dealer

HTS-2000 is allowing us to repair previously unsalvageable parts and thereby get many jobs with a lower bid than our competitors.
Complete Auto Body – Bassien City, LA

We use HTS-2000 regularly for R.V. repairs. Thank you!
Lazy Day R.V.- Tampa, FL

I’ve used HTS-2000 to repair many transmission cases and housings with unbelievable strength!
Kings Transmission – Elmhurst, IL

We’ve fixed blowers, engine heads, oil pans, and manifolds. We are extremely happy with HTS-2000.
Rex Hutchison Machine Shop – Sacramento, CA
Builder of world record producing car & boat racing engines

I want you to know that I’m absolutely FLOORED! I’ve tried to braze aluminum, to no avail (or very limited avail), for a long time. When I saw you on the Internet, I thought to myself: “Ok, here we go again”. Everybody thinks that their product is the best. I’ve got 30 pounds of aluminum rods from various companies (all of which are mentioned on your website … and I’m not satisfied with any of them! I could stick 2 pieces of aluminum together, but it wasn’t until I found your product that I realized that I was fooling myself. When I got my HTS-2000, I immediately went out to the shop and began experimenting. I couldn’t believe the results ! Keep up the good work (and the great product)!
Marko – U.S. Department Of Defense

Yes I finally received my order. Thank you , it does everything you claim. I am a professional shipwright and deal with aluminum repair on a daily basis.
Dan Wrightington Professional Shipwright

I used HTS 2000 to repair my ATV radiator AN fitting. It was finished only minutes later and saved me $300 for the price of a new core.Thank-you
John Hidber – ATV radiator AN fitting

I Had a number of problems with a broken bolt on the thermostat housing and ended up with a pretty large hole. HTS-2000 worked – we filled the hole with intake on engine, drilled and tapped beautifully and the repair is complete. I’d be buying and installing a new intake manifold if it wasn’t for your product.
Greg Dunn

Hello! Attached are the pictures from my project. Everything worked out GREAT! The Rear differential is patched and put back together and works fine. It saved me a ton of money. A new one would have cost over $2500.00.
differential repairs
differential repaired
click on image to enlarge Thanks again!

To whom it my concern. I am a customer of yours and want to say what an awesome product u have! it works in the high performance industry and, well cast is my enemy.. untill now.. your product has turned my days of hell into days of heaven.. Thank you.
Al Berini

HTS-2000 is such a great product! I went ahead and ordered the HTS-528 for steel too. I’d like to share those with my friends also, may I reprint those instructions? Thank you,
Larry Welch

The product is unbelievable and as easy to use as shown in the video on your web-site I have used it to repair leaks in my aluminum fishing boat and to weld on accessories holders onto existing aluminum rails. My son also put it thru his usual – don’t believe it’s that good routine and tried to chip off some of the product which I had used to fill in a hole while experimenting and ended up digging so deep the he punctured a new hole while the hts-2000 stayed in tact.. He was very impressed and is now a believer also — thanks again …
Larry Keating Kelowna BC. Canada

I purchased your product having absolutely no welding experience in order to repair about 30 corrosion holes in the hull of an aluminum boat. It took me a few rods to get the feel of the material and its melting point and other properties. I used an acetylene torch for heat and found the best way to repair the holes was to first make the corrosion holes wider and cleaner using screw driver and a hammer. I then cleaned the hole area with a large metal brush. I would then heat the area under question and clean it again. A few seconds later the hole would be tinned and filled just beautifully. Your material was a lifesaver and really made “quick-work” of the repair.
Thank you very much!”
John Borduin

HTS-2000 has literally been a life saver! We have repaired parts we thought could not be repaired and have been able to save many customers from having to wait weeks to get in a new part. HTS-2000 was so incredible we just purchased your new rod for steel and cast iron.
Tri State Ford- Cincinnati – OH

Great Product! I don’t usually write companies about their products as I deal with a great many on a daily basis. I bought your product to repair an aluminum liquefier head on one of my prototype machines. The threads had stripped out and I had already helicoiled the part once. Your product worked exactly like you said it would..amazing! In this day and age with all the snake oil salesmen out there it was quite refreshing to find an honest company with a wonderful product. By being able to repair the threads in my machine you saved my company over two grand. My hats off to you.
Mr. Robin Cook

HTS-2000 is Great! So far I have repaired a turbo conversion on my 911SC Porche and used your brazing rods to fabricate a number of brackets (intake plumbing and inter-cooler) as well as braze on pipe adapters to the aluminum intake plumbing for idle bypass, blow-off valve, and wastegate signals. So I have a fair amount of experience with it – Excellent Product!
Steven Fonken

I used HTS-2000 to repair several model Airplanes and I am very happy with the results. Thank you!
Jim Fernandez – PA

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