August 2, 2016

Rules For Use

Terms & Conditions

By Ordering Our Materials You Agree To Abide By MSDS, Follow Instructions, Agree To Our Terms And Policies And Release Us From Any And All Injuries.

These Terms of use apply to all users, purchasers or affiliates: (referred to as “Users” below)

  1. All Users agree to being responsible for any and all applicable Taxes, also please keep in mind we do not send W-9’s and by ordering you agree to these terms.
  2. All Users agree to follow instructions.
  3. All Users agree to release New Technology Products and its affiliates from all harm or personal injury.
  4. Users agree all information is confidential, and shall not be shared without written permission.
  5.  Anyone who orders from us or our website agrees to the following: New Technology Products materials are copyrighted and trademarked anyone purchasing to resell must have our clear e-mailed permission in advance.
  6. Any returns to us are under our conditions that only the material costs shall be refunded.
  7. All users agree to our policies and our shipping rules by ordering you agree to abide, please see our shipping rules for more information:
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