July 25, 2016

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HTS-2000 has been sold in more than 40,000 professional shops at $100.00 a pound, with a minimum order of 5 pounds. On the Internet only, you may order a 1 lb. HTS-2000 STARTER PACKAGE! Plus for a limited time we’ve slashed the price by as much as 50 percent! Choose the right amount for you, order securely online, and SAVE a bundle!

The reason to order direct from New Technology Products is we are the manufacturer and we offer lifetime tech support and a 60 day moneyback guarantee only if you order from our website We also now accept paypal so do not trust HTS-2000 or HTS-528 sold elsewhere like ebay as most ads are not true HTS-2000 but an inferior cheap knock off that does not work the same.

Repairs all non-ferrous alloy such as aluminum, cast aluminum, zinc, pewter, aluminum magnesium, pot metal, silver, copper, bronze, titanium, tungsten, any metal except steel.

  • Packages of HTS-2000 come with 30 rods per pound, width 3/32, length 18 inches, FREE video, tinning brush, and step-by-step instructions.
  • Packages of HTS-528 come with 18 rods per pound , width 3/32 length 18 inches, step by step instructions.
  • 60 day money back guarantee and lifetime tech support.




HTS-2000 Aluminum Repair

HTS-2000 Starter Packages:
1 Pound
HTS-2000 Starter Package
HTS-2000 1 Pound
2.5 Pounds
HTS-2000 Starter package w/ UPGRADE
HTS-2000 2.5 Pounds
Standard Packages:
5 Pounds
HTS-2000 Package
HTS-2000 5 Pounds
10 Pounds
HTS-2000 Package
HTS-2000 10 Pounds
50 Pounds
HTS-2000 Package
HTS-2000 50 Pounds

Iron / Steel Repair

Starter Packages:
1 Pound
HTS-528 Starter Package
HTS-528 1 Pound
2.5 Pounds
HTS-528 Starter Package W/ UPGRADE
HTS-528 2.5 Pounds
Standard Packages:
5 Pounds
HTS-528 package
HTS-528 5 Pounds
10 Pounds
HTS-528 package
HTS-528 10 Pounds
50 Pounds
HTS-528 package
HTS-528 50 Pounds



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