August 2, 2016

Instructions for HTS-2000 Second Generation Fluxless Brazing Rod

Instructions for using HTS—2000

Step 1:
Clean the area to be worked with a file, grinder, or wire brush. This “2nd Generation” brazing rod does not require a special brush to make it work!

Step 2:
Heat the work surface (not the brazing rod) until the work surface is hot enough to melt the rod, just as you would if using a solder. DO NOT PUT THE ROD IN THE FLAME. You must bring the temperature of the base metal up to the melting point of the HTS—2000 Fluxless Brazing Rod. Open the pores of the work surface with heat for the rod to penetrate the surface.

Step 3:
For threads and thin aluminum, tin the housing with the rod itself by scratching on the housing when the appropriate temperature is reached. For all other uses, use the tinning brush (included) to tin the area with HTS—2000, when the appropriate temperature is reached.
Then do your build up for excellent results.

Step 4:
When the repair is completed, always allow to cool naturally. Propane works well on most weights up to 1/4 inch, between 1/2 and 1/3rd inch or parts over 12 inches use mapp gas it comes in a yellow cannister for $3.00 more and is 200 degrees hotter. On heavier work or to save time, you can use oxygen acetylene. Always use a Rosebud tip or a neutral flame with oxygen acetylene. Do not put the rod in the direct flame while brazing with HTS—2000.

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