July 25, 2016

Examples of Actual Repairs

Videos Of Actual Repaired Parts

Click on any picture to see Video Clips of repairs…

crack repair crack repair crack repair
Crack Repair Thread Repair Ear Repair


  1. Cost of Equipment – No argon gas, wire spool, gloves, shield, or electricity required.
  2. Portability – Stores easily, along with small torch.
  3. Skills Needed – Simple instructions virtually anyone can use. No flux, chemicals, or special cleaners required. 100% guaranteed.
  4. Danger – No high voltage electricity used.
  5. Oily Aluminum – Heli-arc boils aluminum and any impurities below the surface must be brought to the top and cleaned off.
  6. Thin Aluminum – Melts 500 degrees before aluminum.
  7. Different Alloys – Works with any alloy of aluminum or cast aluminum.
  8. Time Involved – Makes many repairs much quicker than conventional methods.
  9. Filling Holes – Instantly fills any size hole for threads much stronger than the original threads.
  10. Versatility – One product fills cracks or holes, rebuilds ears, seals leaks, or permanently bonds flat pieces.
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