Boat Repair with HTS-2000

Aluminum boat repair is made easy with the HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rod. Many people buy aluminum boats because aluminum is light, fast, flexible and seaworthy. As with any kind of boat, sometimes boat repair is necessary. Hull damage to an aluminum boat can occur from abrupt groundings, collision with other objects or just wear and tear over time.

Aluminum boat repair is much easier than boats made with steel or fiberglass hulls. Aluminum is light, strong, corrosion-resistant, non-sparking and can be fixed with an HTS-2000 brazing rod without a welding machine.

Pitting, cracks and crevice corrosion are three of the drawbacks of any aluminum boat over the long haul. Sometimes aluminum boats will develop small leaks and need repair. The HTS-2000 is a no-flux brazing rod and all that is needed besides the brazing rod is a heat source (propane or mapp gas), a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene. Since the melting point is 500 degrees lower than the surface of an aluminum boat, many repairs can be made quickly and easily and even holes can be filled because of the rod’s anti-drip properties.

Boat repair can be accomplished even by those with no experience. Please see the video link on

In addition to boat repair, other boat-related repair can also be conducted quickly and easily as well. For instance, repair to a boat engine or engine housing, fuel tanks or even the boat trailer is a snap with our products.

Besides boat repair, the HTS-2000 can also repair engine blocks, radiators, fuel tanks, air conditioners, latches, brackets, rivets and many more aluminum surfaces and objects.

So, if you have an aluminum boat and are in need of a quick and easy method for boat repair, look no further than our industrial strength, second-generation line of boat repair products. You’ll be amazed at how easy boat repair really is.

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