August 2, 2016

Shipping Policy


How do you ship, how long will it take, and how much?

All orders are sent the next US business day as long as you supplied the correct information. All customers should receive an email tracking of their order which is sent from the USPS or UPS automated e-mail once the package is picked up by USPS or UPS (this e-mail ends up in most customers junk mail folders due to mail filtering). Normal shipping for any order 1 to 10 lbs. in the US by USPS or UPS takes 3-7 business days and the flat fee charged is $15.00 in the USA or Canada, you may upgrade to 2 day shipping (2-3 days) for $30.00 or 1 day (1-2 days) USPS or UPS for $40.00 for orders in the USA . You will see the shipping charge come up when you place your order go to the order page and select product first by clicking here.

Please keep in mind that that all orders come out of our warehouse in Tampa, Florida 33610 when estimating USPS or UPS shipping time and all orders may be sent USPS or UPS our choice when sending and include the shipping couriers rules for shipment in other words a 1 day order according to USPS could get their in 2 days and a 2 day order 3 days according to shippers rules and still be within the time frame of shippers rules.

To view the shipping cost for your specific order; fill in your shipping information, select your shipping method and press “continue”. (International orders most choose ground). The shipping cost will be displayed along with the cost of the product before you process your order. You can go back and change your selection if need be.

Can you ship using my account information on orders?

“YES” just send a separate E-mail with your complete account information and the way to send the order requesting this to

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