July 25, 2016

Tank Welding-Brazing

Tank Welding and Tank Brazing Equipment

Tank welding and tank brazing can be accomplished quickly and easily using our industrial strength, second-generation brazing rods. Whether you want to weld or braze aluminum or cast iron tanks or any other metal tank, our HTS-2000 and HTS-528 brazing rods are just what you need to get the job done. In fact, this new tank welding and brazing repair technology performs well on aluminum, cast aluminum, pot metal, copper, magnesium, and all white or porous metals.

For aluminum tank welding and brazing, the HTS-2000 is the preferred choice of professional welders, maintenance repairmen and fabricators. Our brazing rods are also are preferred by machine shops and repair shops that at one time ordered welding supplies, like Tig welding machines, heli-arc machines, and welding rods.

For cast iron tank welding and brazing, the HTS-528 is the strongest brazing rod made for joining cast iron and steel. This brazing rod is thin flowing for close-fit joining and repairs on all cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, nickel, and brass. It also will effectively join dissimilar metals. Master welders all over the country rate its wetness on ferrous and non-ferrous metals as excellent. In addition, while it is very hard, it is still machinable.

Notice: Drums, tanks and other containers should not be welded, brazed, repaired or cut up unless the operator has received adequate training in the risks involved and the precautions to be taken. The tank or drum that is to be welded or brazed should first be emptied by pumping or draining the liquid into a suitable container. The residues should be disposed of in line with EPA requirements and not tipped into drains, sewers or waterways.

Whether welding or brazing any number of different kinds of metal tanks the HTS-2000 and HTS-528 brazing rods can help you get the job done. See our video for more information.

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