July 25, 2016

Welding Supply

Welding Supply and Accessory Resource

Our welding supply resource offers you the HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rod for 50-percent off. Our industrial-strength aluminum brazing rod is not like the other welding supplies you’ll find on the market. The HTS-2000 allows you to create strong and durable welds without using a welding machine.

You can throw away your local welding supply store, when you use our product. All you’ll need in order to create permanent, durable welds stronger than the original base metal is our material and a heat source such as propane or mapp gas, a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene.

Besides a torch, the only welding supply you’ll ever need is our product. How is our brazing rod better than other welding supplies? The answer is portability, durability, no flux, more elongation, lower temperatures, higher tensile strength, the ability to penetrate past impurities, stores safely and has a thousand and one uses.

If you’re looking for THE number one welding supply for use in the automotive, aeronautic, industrial and commercial fields or just for home use, the HTS-2000 is your product. Our high-strength welding supplies are used to fabricate and repair cars, trucks, tractors, airplanes, diesel engines, motorcycles, aluminum boats, fuel tanks, rivets, brackets, awnings, gutters, ladders, latches and for thread repair.

The other welding supply we offer is the HTS-528 brazing rod for cast iron applications. The 528 is the strongest brazing rod made for joining cast iron and steel. It is used for close-fit joining and repairs on cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, nickel, and brass. Melting the base metal with the 528 is not necessary since this brazing rod has built in flux.

No matter which HTS welding supply you choose, you can’t go wrong. Both high-tech rods create stronger repairs than the base metal, are durable, flexible, permanent and very easy to use. For some added tips on our welding supply products please check out our video.

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