July 25, 2016

Fuel Tank Repair

Fuel Tank Repair – HTS Brazing Rods

Our HTS brazing rods are excellent when it comes to fuel tank repair. Whether it’s the fuel tank on a motorbike or a large vehicle like a car or a truck, the HTS brazing rod comes in handy.

A word of caution though: fuel tank repair is a high-risk undertaking. Due attention and care must be taken, especially while subjecting any heat. To start with, the tank will have to be cleaned carefully from the inside and out to make sure no fumes remain that could potentially cause combustion.

The amazing thing is that the HTS brazing rod actually repairs fuel tank leaks even stronger than the surrounding metal could. All you need to prep is sand the tank to scrub off old paint, rust or under-coatings and a commercial de-greaser. If you’re doing this on a bigger vehicle, you’ll probably be better off sandblasting the fuel tank. These high-tech brazing rods work perfectly on gasoline, diesel, even on next-gen hydrogen tanks. The HTS system is specifically designed to not just be a stop-gap arrangement for a leakage problem, rather a permanent damage repair solution for your fuel tank.

Which is why we mean it when we say our HTS products stand for unmatched quality and efficiency? We even go so far as to say that these line of products are the very best you would get in the market, at any price. Need any more proof? Check out our testimonials and videos to make the right choice.

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