July 25, 2016

Thread Repair

Thread Repair – The Smarter Alternative to Helicoil Thread Repair

The HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rod is perfect for thread repair. Looking for a Helicoil thread repair alternative? Look no further. All you need to do is take our industrial-strength brazing rod, fill a hole with the brazing rod material and slip a hot steel bolt in there. Let the steel bolt cool, back it out and watch as new threads are produced.

We know that sinking feeling when you’ve tightened a bolt as far as possible and you feel the wrench spinning loosely. Yep, you have stripped the threads. But with the HTS-2000 brazing rod, thread repair is a matter of minutes.

This high-strength brazing rod is erosion-resistant, three times stronger and more flexible than other first generation rods. Little wonder then that thread repair done with our product is stronger even than the original material.

What’s more, when compared with Helicoil, our HTS-2000 is easier to use and has far-reaching automotive, military, aerospace and industrial application. Plus, unlike Helicoil, there are no taps, inserts, gages and tang break-off tools to worry about at all. All you will need is an oversized drill to drill the hole.

No need to place inserts into the hole. Just use a torch and drop in our advanced brazing rod material into the hole. Bring the temperature of the steel bolt up to 750 degrees or above and drop the bolt into the hole. Give the metal about 15-30 minutes to cool off. To finish, simply use a wrench and back out the steel bolt from the hole. That’s how you repair a thread faster and stronger than a Helicoil thread repair.

The HTS-2000 high-tech brazing rod doesn’t need any flux, ends up tougher than the base metal and melts 500 degrees below aluminum. You won’t be needing any welding machine. Just a butane, propane, mapp or oxy-acetylene torch will be enough. All in all, you don’t have to be a professional to use this second-generation brazing rod.

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